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  1. Talking New guy in Northern California

    Hey guys!
    My name's Spencer and I just moved to Grass Valley, Ca from Fort Bragg, Ca! I'm 22 years old and I've fished for salmon, rockfish, surfperch, and flatfish my whole life.

    Now that I've moved away from the coast Im looking to continue fishing, but i have limited experience trout fishing. I have not done so well in Nearby Scotts Flat Resoviour using worms, powerbait, and lures; having only caught one Brown trout in two trips.

    Luckily I was gifted a custom made GLOOMIS Steelhead rod with an old Martin Fly reel on it from my grandfather. Although I've been told that the rod is overkill (in size) for lake trout fishing, I was told to learn to Fly Fish using it and that it shouldn't keep me from catching fish.

    I don't know exactly what I'm getting myself into; but, from the looks of this forum there is alot to be learned! I look forward to learning about the sport and bringing in some freshwater meals!

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    Know your old area well; lived in Santa Rosa and Healdsburg for many years. No personal knowledge of the area you're in now but what kind of fish and size are typical for the area?

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    Spencer: Welcome to the forum! I can't help with specifics on your area, but maybe some of the others can help out.


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    Spencer you'll find lots of infos and helpful people on this forum

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    Thanks guys!

    Fred- I'm not sure exactly what's swimming around these parts. I fished Eagle Lake as a little kid and caught trout trolling with Downriggers and Worms, the largest being a 5 and a half lb. Red meated Eagle Lake Trout(not sure what else it'd be called).
    But, I hear there are red meated trout that are in other lakes and rivers around here.

    Brown and Rainbow trout are what I believe I'm fishing for.

    I hear there are bass, catfish, and crappie in some of the areas that I'd be trout fishing. I'm asking locals as I meet them what they'd be willing to disclose about the fishing here and so far everyone's been friendly. Seems like people here enjoy fishing specifically for the Brown Trout

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    Welcome Spencer, lots of great people on here. Enjoy
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