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    It is good to see others from the Northwest Arkansas area. I also fish Roaring River and the White river. I live in Rogers and look forward to possibly getting together sometime to learn more.

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    Good afternoon Frank and all the members I'm a fairly new convert to the flyrod for my age, about four or five years or so.
    I live in Jersey and have all my life never more than five minutes from the beach.


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    Just wanted to say hello. Am relatively new fly tyer and am looking forward to some tips and feedback from here.

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    hey Joe, welcome to the forum. There's sticky in the fly tying section with some tips that might be good to check out.

    Glad you found us. Feel free to ask questions, post pics of your flies, and just jump in on discussions.

    Where abouts are you and what do you fish for?


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    I do both saltwater and freshwater fly fishing primarily along the Gulf coast south of San Antonio Texas. We have great redfish sight casting. Also just north of San Antonio is the southern most tailwater fishery in the Northern Hemisphere along the Guadalupe River. This is from Canyon Lake in the hill country of Texas. Primarily stocked Rainbow with some holdover in years where floods are not too bad.


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    It's always good to have another SW guy on the board--- i think BigCliff (a moderator on this board) does a lot of TX redfishing too.


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    Hi Frank.
    It's good to find a site where everyone's friendly & helpful,to one another,as I'm in Australia,even though we have good rivers & lakes,we don't have the multitude you have,or the people,who are up to date on all the latest gear.

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    Hello, My Name is Earle and I'm the owner of SugarKane Rods Ltd., here in California. This is my first time here and I really liked the site so I decided to join. I have been a bamboo rod builder for some time now and enjoy the sport of fly fishing very much. I have a cabin back east in a little town called Valleyhead, Wva ( 30 miles south of Elkins ) and go there often to fly fish the Elk, Tygart and Greenbriar Rivers. The fishing is some of the best I have ever experience there and the only place I have ever seen flyguys useing #32 flies. Its really an experience to get ahold of a 6-8pd brown on a #32 fly. I am in the process of writing a book as I speak about the Elk River and its many secrets. Hopefully it will be out in book stores by next spring. Between building bamboo rods for customers and writing, I only have little time to get out on the rivers. Last year I could only go once but it was fantasic. I went and fished the Truckee River up at Lake Tahoe here in California and had a blast.
    Anyways, thats alittle about myself and hope to talk to everyone soon. Take care and Tight Lines

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    welcome Sugarkane! I was born near Elkins in a small community called Ellamore. I have not had the pleasure of fishing over there yet but hope to soon.
    Dave Watts

    To me, the journey of learning is almost more fun than arriving at the destination of knowing.

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    Pleasuse to meet you...if you ever get down that way drop me a email and we'll get together and do some fishing....I really love it down there and the folks are great....take care .....Earle

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