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    Default Re: New Members Please Read

    Thanks Diver Dan! I thought I was in the member intro thread. Well anyways thanks for the warm welcome. I look forward to learning a lot from you all..I love this sport!!

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    Default Re: New Members Please Read

    This is my very first post on this awesome site! I am looking forward to interacting with this seemingly very large family.... I've been flyfishing since I was 10 (I'm 43 now) and the more I learn the more I realize I just don't know and it's all good and all fun! The older I get the more I realize it's not as much about the fish even as where and who it is shared with, though I still cherrish deeply time alone on the water to express my innermost thoughts in the air via a flyline.

    Gregg Osland

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  4. Default Hello

    Hello all. I may be a little long in the tooth to get back into fly fishing but here goes anyway. I took a fly tying course in the White Mountains when we lived in New Hampshire. Did a lot of fly fishing then, 40 years ago. I have fished a bit since then, mostly spin casting.

    I have been fishing lately with my son-in law, bass mostly. Monday I took my granddaughter ( 5years old) on her first outing. She caught two bluegills and is thrilled.

    I have started tying ( almost started) some flys. Im getting my tie station set up, have a new rotary vice, some new tools and have started collecting material. I am surprised at the wealth of information that is on YouTube about fly tying.

    Well thats it for now. I am essentially new but also old.

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    Default Moved to Quabbin Woods

    Greetings Fellow Anglers,

    I am relocating to the town of Petersham, MA.

    My 'Fishing Camp" is 90% completed. Thank-you to all the members who made recommendations to my "Must Have" posting. My camp is my retirement home, so there is indoor plumbing and other modern day amenities. Otherwise, it is set-up for fishing.

    I am "Nearenuf" to the East Branch of the Swift River to walk to good fishing. The area abounds with excellent streams, rivers and the Big Daddy of them all, the man-made Quabbin Reservoir.

    I am moving from Cape Cod and will keep a "pied a terre" there for salt water fishing. BTW: The herring are running and schoolie stripers are being taken.

    I look forward to connecting with local folks who fish the Millers River, Deerfield and other lesser known local trout waters.

    Tight lines my friends.


    The true joy in pursuing trout is that they live in the most beautiful places.

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  8. Default Re: New Members Please Read

    Helllloooo everybody! I come from the NYC area, just north which gives me access to The Croton Watershed, the Catskills and Western NJ. I only get to fish maybe 10-15 days a year, so I feel I am in a perpetual state of intermediate ability. I have been lucky enough to have a couple of mentors early on and then went on a bucket list trip to Patagonia. I'm generally terrible at figuring out what nymph or other fly to use which usually has me carrying a lot of buggers. Anyway, I sometimes try to fish when I travel for business...eyeing a Helena trip in July. Great to be aboard.

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    Howdy from North Vancouver, BC.rive and lake fly fishing is my cup of tea. I've got a beautiful backyard to play in!

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    Default Re: New Members Please Read

    Hi High! Welcome to the board. milt
    "Thomas Jeff..." Senator Reisman (Sam Shepard) Swordfish

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    Default Re: New Members Please Read

    Hey everyone! I thought it would be cool to introduce myself since I'm new to this forum, even though I've been secretly following your conversations for a while It took me some time to get really involved.

    I'm Katri, 23 years old and one of the few fly girls in Helsinki. I started fly fishing couple of years ago when I finally found a right person to teach me the basics. Now days I fish couple of days every week, more and more alone. I live by the sea, so I mostly fish for pike and seatrout. During summer time when it's warmer and I got more time to travel, I head to north. Northern Finland, Sweden and Norway offer amazing salmon, trout and grayling action. I have to admit that I often hope that I would live closer to good rivers. But if I would live north, I guess I would miss the sea.

    As you probably figured out, English isn't my first language. I speak Finnish at home, Swedish and German when I get a chance. I've lived a year in NY when I was younger, but picked up fly fishing after I moved back to Finland. So I haven't really had an opportunity fish all the amazing locations you have there in the States, yet. If I'm lucky, I'll travel there next summer with my rod.

    I realized that my fishing got a bit out of hand when I quit my day job last summer... And travelled to Norway to fly fish. But I really haven't regretted it a day, since last summer was the best of my life so far. Fishing was good and I was happy to do what I love the most.

    What else... Today I work as a campaign manager and at the local fly shop. If were a fish, I would be a grayling or a brown trout. They are small but offer a good challenge

    Insta: @katriwader

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    Default Re: New Members Please Read

    We welcome you to the forum Katri and look forward to your participation here.
    "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken" - Oscar Wilde

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    Default Re: New Members Please Read

    Welcome katri!
    Great group of fine folks here



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