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    Default New Members Please Read

    NAFFF, its moderators and members welcomes you to the forum. We hope you enjoy the forum and become an active member. If you have not included your location in your registration you might want to add a general area. It makes it a lot easier to answer a question if we know where you are fishing. Something like South Florida or Central Michigan is fine.

    If you are new to fly fishing you will find a lot of good information in the FAQ Section. If you are new to fly fishing and are looking for a rod and reel you should look at this FAQ Post. All new members should read the Site Rules.

    This is a fun site and spam or flaming another member is not allowed.
    Last edited by Frank Whiton; 12-27-2011 at 02:06 PM.

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  3. Re: New Members Please Read

    Hi to all; fly rod building what an art,I was a very fortunate 17 year old that spent almost all of 1967 watching Mr.Robbins of Robbins Rod&Reels on 47 st.&second N.Y.C. he was so ahead of his time,at that time he was spending a month in Puerto Vallarta testing his rods,I in term translated his letters spanish to english,wish I could see you and thank you again dear friend! is to you I owe the love and passion for the sport....if anyone out there ever heard of this gentleman please E-mail pronto

  4. Default Re: New Members Please Read

    Should I post the same questions about images here that I sent you Frank?

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    Default Re: New Members Please Read

    Another note to new members:

    The fact that I no longer make sure to post a welcome in each and every "member intro" thread is not because I have become a turd. I just decided it wasn't doing any real benefit to the world any more.

    All new folks please know that I welcome you and all of your contributions to the board.

    Carry on......

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

  6. Default Hello to all from Vancouver

    I'm pleased to join the NAFFF. I'm at the start of building a 6 weight "switch rod", a hybrid spey and single hander. I bought the Rainshadow blank last month and just completed reaming the cork handles, Do any of you folks have any experience with "switch rods"? I need to know what lines you've used and what to avoid.

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    hi all,
    new guy here. self taught tier, novice fly fisher but i can handle a baitcaster. only bass and panfish in my area (catfish also if so inclined)
    i mostly tie flies for enjoyment. like to see if i can reproduce a pattern that looks like the picture. really got hooked on the gizmos and materials tho. includes hours online and wandering the craft/hobby stores, and seeing what discarded things can be turned into materials or tools. i dont type so punctuation is optional.
    came across this site doing a search for homemade tying things. i have a homemade bobbin holder receipe to post on the appropriate forum.
    looking forward to learning some things.

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    Default Re: New Members Please Read

    Hi fxp,

    Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you will fit right in. I will be looking for your home made bobbin holder.


  9. Default Re: New Members Please Read

    Hello all,

    Very experienced fisherman but an extreme novice when it comes to fly fishing but I intend to change that soon!

    I primarily fish in SW Missouri at roaring river although the White River in NW Arkansas is not far away and I intend to fish there when I get more experience fly fishing.

    Hope to get lots of good info and maybe down the line be able to help others,



  10. Default Re: New Members Please Read

    Hey DustinK,
    Welcome and I'll warn you now... If you get into fly fishing as I have over the last few years your spinning and casting stuff may get a bit rusty!
    Happy casting...


  11. Default Re: New Members Please Read

    Just what too say hello,the girlfriend and myself just started this summer flyfishing its something we both truely enjoy thanks to Matt.I live in McHenry,Il and been hitting the ponds this year,what too try the local creeks and rivers next year.Looking forward on all the great tips here.If there is anyone who wants to help beat up some fish in the area drop me a line...

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