Hi to All,

Here are a couple of tips to make your forum experience more enjoyable.

When I read a post that asks for information the first thing I do is look at the poster's age and location. I find both of these items useful in preparing my response. The location is really useful and everyone should include it in their profile. You don't have to give your exact location but at least give the general area or state. Your age is not as important but it does help give the responder a clue as to your perspective. For instance, a teenager will look at things differently than someone who is a senior.

When you ask a question about equipment such as a rod or reel. You need to specify what your target fish is and how much you want to spend. There is a broad range of rods and reels and if I recommend something that cost $600 and your budget is $200 I have missed the target complety. We can save some time and get a meaningful answer the first time around if all the information is presented with the question.

I also think signing your post with a first name makes it a much friendly forum but that may just be me. I always try to address a poster by their first name if I know it. When someone uses my first name I always get that old fuzzy feeling that I am talking to a friend.

This is a great forum and I am proud to be a member.

Here are some FAQ's that will help you get around in NAFFF

FAQ How to make a Post.

FAQ How to Post a Picture.

FAQ How to Put a link in a Post.

FAQ How to Submit an Item for Sale.