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Thread: New Guy from NE Nevada

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    Default New Guy from NE Nevada

    Hello everyone. New guy to the forums. I live in NE Nevada, Spring Creek to be exact, at the base of the Ruby Mountains. I have been fishing since I was a little kid and fly fishing since my teenage years with my grandpa's old rods and reels. I am recently getting back into the sport. I have a basic understanding of the fly cast and fly fishing in general, but I still consider myself extremely beginner.

    I mostly fish small streams and mountain lakes with some smaller rivers mixed in. I will be taking my first float trip on the Snake River, Jackson area, here in about 3 weeks. My family has a couple of houses in Bondurant, WY so I do quite a bit of fishing in that area as well.

    I'm sure I will have plenty of newbie questions and maybe a little advice haha. Great site here and I plan to learn a lot from everyone here.

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    Default Re: New Guy from NE Nevada

    to the forum...feel free to ask all the questions you want...there are lots of helpful and experienced people here

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    Default Re: New Guy from NE Nevada

    This is a great group, just embrace the "no such thing as a bad question" philosophy.
    Perhaps we'll be able to pry some photos of the pretty little streams of the Rubies out of you in the future . . . beautiful country there in your back yard.
    I take much greater pleasure in admiring the works of nature than those of man.

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    Default Re: New Guy from NE Nevada

    Thanks for the welcomes guys.

    Just got in from a quick little trip up to the Rubies. I meant to take some pics of the stream I was fishing and then forgot. I did however catch my first tiger trout!! I'll post some pictures and a thread in the appropriate section here in a few minutes.

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    Default Re: New Guy from NE Nevada

    Kevin: Welcome to the forum! Hopefully, we can get together for some Wyoming fly fishing when you come out in August.

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    Welcome Kevin! Fellow northern Nevada here. Used to live in elko, still got family there. Live north of Winnemucca now. I already commented on your other thread about the tigers but didn't realize you were a new member. Maybe we will bump into each other someday!

    Good luck!

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