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Thread: Newb from NC by way of MN

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    Default Newb from NC by way of MN

    Hello...My name is Chad and I now (3 years) live in the beautiful state of North Carolina. I am a lifelong angler, both still and moving water as well as through a hole in the ice when I lived in colder parts.

    I have had the pleasure of fishing the Great Smokey Mountains for the last few years, and have enjoyed trout fishing now after only wishing for it when I was younger. I am definitely hooked on small high elevation waters in search of a 12" Brookie!

    Looking forward to spending some time on the forum and maybe getting to know a few of you and maybe sharing a stream at some point.

    I have a trip to San Francisco the last week of October this year and will be looking to occupy 4 or 5 days of my time maybe in the Tahoe and/or Yosemite areas while traveling out ahead of my wife who I will need to rendezvous with for a friend's wedding at the end of the week. Needless to say....I want to fish as many days as possible.

    Any recommendations for areas, waters, guides...etc? I am completely unfamiliar with the Sierras, Yosemite...etc. I'll essentially be a nomad with little planned for those days and look forward to hopefully experiencing the other side of the country in waders!

    Cheers to all and Thank You for the opportunity to join the forum!
    Here's a few photos from 3 weeks ago in the Smokies!





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    Default Re: Newb from NC by way of MN

    Chadyou should get some infos soon

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