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    I am a new fly fishing enthusiast, living in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Fishing generally in the area is very good with lots of rivers, streams, and lakes, I am also fairly close to the great lakes, Ontario and Erie. The are many opprotunities to fish for, steelehead, trout, pike, and crappies, plus lots a good bass fishing during the warmer months. I plan to begin my foray into fly fishing, by spending at least a day on the river with an instructer and guide. Looking forward to the new season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by romeolima View Post
    I plan to begin my foray into fly fishing, by spending at least a day on the river with an instructer and guide.
    Right on... that's a great way to start!

    Welcome to the site.

    ... But a lifelong journey.

    I choose fly rods the same way I do women, motorcycles, and cowboy boots...
    go with what ever feels good, and keep on hand as many as I can afford

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    Hi romeolima, welcome to the forum. Going with a guide that can instruct you in fly casting is a great way to start. Make sure you tell the guide you are more interested in learning than catching fish.


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    Welcome to the group!

    I agree with Frank, but i might say to have the first half of the day dedicated to instruction and then the second half more on fishing.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Welcome romeolima,
    Hope you enjoy the time you spend with our group, anything we can help you with, all you need to do is ask, we have a fairly diverse bunch here so someone should be able to answer your questions.

    Also, you should get aquanted with "jocelyn", he's also a Canuck, that can offer you a bunch of info on eastern Canadian waters.

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