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Thread: UK fisher

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    Hello everybody!
    UK fisherman with some nice, first fish on the fly

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    Nice fish!! I like the Chub we get them but not that BIG on the Miramichi river. If our chubs got that big we would fish for them too. ha!

    Rodney Colford GuideNB - Home

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    Welcome to the group!

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    And thank you very much!
    This surprise for me that somebody with so big salmon sad that about my chubs..
    Maybe is not too many big ones in river, as is look like, but my father was teach me to catch them when I was so young
    Any way, you can come. Not so special tackle needed. I know how to catch so nice fish just on the bite of bread )
    This is good way to exchange experience - I'm so new to fly fishing (salmon, sea-trout).
    Konrad Kurowski

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    Hello Konrad, glad you've joined us.
    If we can help you with anything, just ask.

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    Great to meet you Conrad! I'm new to fly fishing too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by layla17 View Post
    Great to meet you Conrad! I'm new to fly fishing too!
    My advice for you can be - look at water, and keep trying
    Good luck!

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