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    Default Crested Butte is still white

    hello all, I am a new member and I wanted to introduce myself.
    My name is jake and I live in Crested Butte, Colorado.
    I admit I am not often surfing the web, but I will return comments
    when I get a chance.
    I fished my first time for this season yesterday with my own
    tied flies and caught two fish, a brown and a nice rainbow
    before the dropping snow and leaky waders called for my retreat.
    I was very stoked to catch fish on flies that I actually tied.
    we are going to have an incredibly long run off this year as I still
    have about seven feet of snow in my yard, but the fishing right now
    is beautiful.

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    Default Re: Crested Butte is still white

    Welcome aboard!

    While we didn't get any real snow to speak of here in Albuquerque, northern NM and especially CO got hit pretty hard. A friend's Mom lives in Gunnison and the stories about the snow and the deer that starved to death inside the city limits is heatbreaking. Hopefully, the moisture will help green things up though. The downside to all that snow is the extended runoff.

    We're fishing the San Juan this coming weekend - our first with high flows. Saturday is with Jude Duran (an awesome guide if you don't know him!), and Sunday on our own. Catching fish on your own flies really is awesome.


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    Default Re: Crested Butte is still white

    Welcome to the group! stay warm!

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Great to meet you Jake. I'm new here too!

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    Default Re: Crested Butte is still white

    Hello overefined, hope you enjoy the forum.

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    Default Re: Crested Butte is still white

    Nothing like spring time in the Rockies. But you know what they say "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute."

    “Fishing for me, as funny as it sounds, is sorta my brand of praying almost. I’m never closer to my spirituality than when I’m in the act of fishing.” - JT Van Zandt

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