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Thread: Somewhat New

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    Racine here, I've made a few posts but a little background offered. My fishing experience is limited to the USA mainly in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and now the South. I relocate based on my work demands so adaptation is a must. I've found great trout fishing 6 hrs away by car or 4 hrs by plane(Colorado) and 3 1/2 by car to the marshes of LA or so. I flyfish by choice as I grew to detest bait and prefer the activity and mental thought of this craft. I hope to afford a trip to the Copper River or elsewhere in Alaska and perhaps the bahamas someday.
    I have really enjoyed this forum and all it offers along with the talent that backs it up. Let's have fun fishing guys and share and support each other. BTW, I'm not an elitist but rather a pragmatist so anything that works for me is fine- but I do like nice tools from time to time.
    Have a good day on the water...

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    Very well put! Look forward to hearing all the new locations. Sounds like you can cover a lot of water so to speak.
    If you make it to the City of Salt, give a shout!

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    Hi Racine,

    Some nice thoughts. I assume you are talking about the Copper River in Bristol Bay. If so, that is a wonderful river. At my age it would be one of my top Alaska spots.


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    Very nice intro Racine, Welcome to the group.

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