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  1. Default greetings from a born again fly fisher

    First of all, I'd like to thank the mods for this great avenue of expression and information. I've been lurking for a while and finally decided it's time to share some insites on my area of fly fishing heaven.
    I just got back into fly fishing after a 20 year hiatus. Duh! What a waste of 20 years.
    I've had the south platte, Deckers, Dream Stream, Chessman Canyon, Eleven Mile canyon etc. in my backyard all these years and never took advantage until recently.
    What got me back? My neighbor is good buds with the caretaker at the Elevenmile dam. We got invited to fish behind the fence last April. That's all it took. Got geared up again and started fishing the Deckers area whenever I could. Things are really coming back down there since the Hayman Fire. The fishing is great and the fish are fat and happy. I wonder? Are those rainbows really a supspecies? I've never seen a more beautiful fish!
    Still getting my chops back as far as technique goes so I've been polishing my style at Deckers before I start hitting the Dream Stream and Chessman Canyon.
    Anyway, thanks again for the forum. I'll start posting some reports and pics soon.

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    Default Re: greetings from a born again fly fisher

    Hi yatahey,

    Welcome to the forum and back to fly fishing. It sounds like you are having a ball. I had a period that I was away from fishing and hunting. Lucky for me my path led me to Alaska. I will be looking for some pictures of those Colorado Rainbows.


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    Default Re: greetings from a born again fly fisher


    Welcome back to fly fishing and welcome to the forum. Its good to hear that the Deckers area is on the mend! I've fished that area a number of years ago so it hurt when I saw what the fire did to that area. What a beautiful area to have in your back yard, you are indeed blessed. Good luck fishing and send in some pics.


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