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    Default Wisconsin & Florida

    Since I've posted a few times, I should introduce myself. We live in Madison, Wisconsin during the summer, and since retirement we spend winters in SW Florida. I am a high mileage fly fisherman - something like 50 years now. During the summer, I fish the Driftless area of Wisconsin on a regular basis, and do quite a lot of saltwater fishing when in Florida. We also make annual trips to Montana, and I do have the opportunity to do some other fly fishing travel, particularly since retirement.

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    Default Re: Wisconsin & Florida

    Welcome to the forum and retirement!
    If you ever make it out to Wyoming for fishing, give me a shout.

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    Default Re: Wisconsin & Florida

    Welcome to the forum!

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    Default Re: Wisconsin & Florida

    Hey driftless22,

    I also lay claim to the "high mileage" label. It's been 55+ years since my introduction to wrangling a fly, and I don't plan on stopping ending time soon. Sure, the "body" shows a lot of wear and tear, and the "tires" don't have as much tread as they once did. But, the "power train" still has the desire to push on, even if it overwhelms the "engine" at times.

    Luckily for this aging "heap," it's been stored well during the winter months, and shows only a bit of "rusting" around the edges. May we all be blessed enough to end up with "high miles," even if the occasional "rebuild" is necessary...

    By the way, welcome to the finest fly-fishing forum on the planet!

    Jerry, aka hairwing530

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    Default Re: Wisconsin & Florida

    Welcome , great place to be , nice group of guys, kick back relax , enjoy
    Airborne ( David )

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    Default Re: Wisconsin & Florida

    on the forum .... there are tons of infos and lots of kind and experienced members willing to help here. including some from Wisconsin and....Florida

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    Default Re: Wisconsin & Florida

    driftless22, !


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