Hello everyone

My name is David, I live in Los Angeles, CA.

Im always on car forums and thought to myself this weekend why not do a forum for my second favorite hobby ... flyfishing. I turned my favorite hobby into my career, which is cars, i currently work for Beverly Hills BMW (if you got a question dont be affraid to PM about your car) as a Technician/Mechanic.

My paps got me into flyfishing when I was 7. Im 24 now, so I like to think of myself as a pretty good flyfisher man.

I fish mostly for Trout. My favorite place to fish is the Lower Owens in the Sierra's. Ive been to the San Juan River in New Mexico a few times. But would like to get into surf fishing since im only 10 min from the beach.

Current setup is a 9'0ft 5wt Sage XP, with a Able Standard Arbor Big Game, lined with Scientific GPX line