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    Hi, I'm Ready To Learn How To Flyfish, Thanks Don

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    Glad to have ya with us!

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    Hi BigDon ... Welcome aboard. Learning to fly fish can be very hard or very simple depending on how you want to do it.

    Learning to fly cast can be very frustrating ... don't let it be so. Instead, go to my site and download "Excerpts." It's free and covers all the basics you need to contend with until you are convinced of your competency to move forward.

    Print the little booklet out in a 5x7 format and carry it with you outside when you practice. When something goes wrong, and it will, stop! Refer to the booklet ... figure out what you did wrong ... only then, try again.

    To do otherwise simply reinforces your mistakes making correction that more difficult.

    Those that follow this guidance seem to learn very quickly, at least according to the feedback. Those who do not follow my guidance learn little, if anything.

    As you go through the learning process, I will be here ... You may contact me privately or publicly, your choice.


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    doug is the gentleman that i told you about. without his help from his site my cast wouldn't be nowhere as good as they are.
    doug just waiting to get the new rod and going to put the sylk on it and the 444 on my el-cheapo.

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    Freeze ... Congrats on winning the rig. Think you will like it. Stay in touch.


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    Getting Use To The Site, I've Already Learned Alot. There Is A Lot Of Good Info Here, Thanks Don

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    welcome big don! i actually read dougs booklet a few days ago went out and casted :holy: it helped ALOT!!!
    Remember, we ALL live downstream.
    Fishing to live, living to fish

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    don if you have any questions about the site just ask me at work and i'll try to point you in the right direction.

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    Be happy to help any way I can ... It is a great sport. To really help you get started, try reviewing some of my resource material posted at and under the manuscript heading, "Fly Fishing for the Rest of Us."


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    Hi, Went Out Last Week Got A Flyrod For $20, And In No Time I'm Hitting What I Wanted In The Yard. Tyed My First Fly's Today. Next Sun Going Out With Freeze To Try Some Flyfishing. If I Get Lucky I'll Be Hooked. Thanks For The Help, GoING To Print Out What You Have On Your Site And Read It Before I Go To Bed. Thanks Don

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