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    quiet corner, ct

    Default Greetings from southern New England

    Hi folks
    I was looking around the web today for just this kinda place
    Thanks for having me.

    My family and I live in the NE part of Connecticut, known as the quite corner.
    The history of this area is rooted in the beginnings of the industrial revolution because of the abundant waterways.
    This is a blessing... and a curse. There's streams and ponds everywhere. There's even a small trout stream across the street from the house.
    Unfortunately there's 11 historical dams in this brook's five mile run... many are still intact, some are breached.
    It's the same with other waterways in the area. This makes for some great warm (and cool) water fishing, but the trout fishing is for the most part less than exceptional.

    Both my father and grandfather fly fished and I've done so all my life. Over 40 years.
    Salt water fly fishing has become my passion now-a-daze, but there was a time when I trout fished every day.
    In the heat of the summer, I tend to switch to smallmouth fishing and also enjoy fishing for LMB and panfish

    I look forward to contributing when I can

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    Default Re: Greetings from southern New England

    Hi Rip Tide,

    Welcome to the forum. We are happy to have you. We can always use another saltwater fly fisher. We have some very knowledge members and they are all glad to help. We get a lot of new fly fishing members and I think that is a good thing for this forum and fly fishing.


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