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    I've been interested in taking up fly fishing for a while, and this weekend I had the opportunity to try using a rod borrowed from a friend; the only thing I hooked was a severe interest in pursuing the sport. I got some good information from an older fly fisherwoman named Joanne who happened by our site on Beaverkill, and now am starting to scout for a decent intro-to-fly-fishing rod, reel, etc.

    I've been angling for trout in the waters around Central New York for the past two or three years as a decided break from my past as a primarily bass fisherman, and have found wading creeks and casting pools to be an amazingly centering hobby.

    So I'll be reading around here for a while, looking for all the hints, tips, and tricks I can find.


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    Hi Steve,

    Welcome to the forum. This is a great forum for a beginner. You should review the FAQ section. It might help you a bit. There should be a bunch of fly shops in your area that offer fly casting lessons. A lesson or two would give you a big boost. A lesson would really help you select your first rod.


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