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Thread: The New Guy!!!

  1. Default The New Guy!!!

    Hey all,

    I'm new to this site and fly fishing! I picked up a beginner Okuma tempest reel/rod 5wt combo and have been out once and am HOOKED (no pun intended)...I didn't even catch any fish but it was great to be out on the water, in nature and fishing actively!!!

    I look forward to browsing the site and I'm sure I'll have questions for the SMEs!

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    Default Re: The New Guy!!!

    Hey New Guy,

    Welcome to the group, browse away and ask what you want. There are some people here who will answer things that you didn't even think there would be an answer for!

    Glad you did an intro, tell us where you are and what your main fish of interest are please.


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    Default Re: The New Guy!!!

    Hey ltmfb, welcome!

    Glad to have you aboard-- make yourself at home here. Lot's of good folks that can help get you off to a good start.

    There's lot's of info in the FAQ sections and good stuff in the threads so browse around--- and feel free to ask questions as they come up.

    And like Ard said, let us know where you are and the kind of fish you're chasing.

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    Default Re: The New Guy!!!

    Welcome, and don't worry about gear too much yet, use that combo until your better then it will let you be. I still have a beginner combo (SA) that I carry as a backup rod. If you think you are hooked now,what til you hook a few.


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    Welcome to the forum New Guy

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    Default Re: The New Guy!!!

    on's you who picked up Okuma's combo!!...he was looking for it

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    Thanks guys/gals!

    I am from Utah, Layton by Hill AFB and fish for trouts in the streams/rivers around here. Weber/Ogden/Provo...

    I went out this weekend and finally had a nice go w/some rainbows/browns and whitefish (i think). It was AWESOME! Only about 8-12 inches but a ton of fun to catch. I caught about 8-10 of them and probably missed 30 setting the hook too late, amazing how quick you have to be w/this but that makes it much more fun!

    I had a dry fly and a olive/green dropper about 12-16" behind it and pretty much just used the dry as an indicator to set the hook. The water was really calm so I didn't know what else to try...not enough current to take a wooly bugger/egg sucker downstream to the larger ones on the bottom!

    I'll be browsing and LOVE looking at pics...been looking at the SE Idaho thread and that makes me excited to try to fish up there! This will be my winter hobby as atv/duning is the summer thing for me but this is GREAT!!!!

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    Default Re: The New Guy!!!

    Welcome to the boards! Sounds like you are off to a great start! Keep it up...

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    Default Re: The New Guy!!!

    ltmfb: Welcome to the forum, looking forward to your participation. You have some very nice local water to fish.


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    Default Re: The New Guy!!!

    Welcome aboard! Layton's close to a lot of amazing trout water.
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