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Thread: Howdy do!

  1. Default Howdy do!

    It started on a warm spring day in 2007.
    The place: The Big Thompson River.
    I caught my first fish and the rest is history.
    In the past year I have mostly fished along the front range, the Vrain, Rocky Mtn. National Park, CCCanyon, the Thompson and the North Fork of the Platte.
    Being self employed, my schedule is flexible enough to get out a few times a week.
    If anyone is looking for a carpool / fishing partner give me a call or email me.
    Thanks for the great site!
    Brian T.
    303 274 0204

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    Welcome from Utah. There are alot of great people here that will help you when you need it. I'm not sure of anyone near you but I have a feeling that they will come out of the woodworks.

    P.S. I wish I was self-employeed so that I could fish that much. I am jealous.


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    Hi Brian,

    Welcome to the forum. Its great that you found us. We do have some members who fish the Platte so maybe there is someone close. Are you wading or drifting?


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    Hey Brian,
    Welcome aboard!
    Frank mentioned we have some Platters here. One would be me.
    I see you're from Lakewood. I'm in Woodland Park, in the foothills west of the Springs, kinda like what Evergreen is to Denver.
    We've got some great fishin down this way. I'm sure you are aware of the Dream Stream and Deckers areas.
    Drop a line (pun intended) sometime if you're in the neighborhood. Those hook jawed browns will be spawning at Spinney Mt Ranch any day now.

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