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  1. Default Soon to be in Idaho

    Just joined from W. Washington. Soon to be moving to Northern Idaho.

    Not a very good fisherman but I have been lucky enough to fish some pretty good spots.

  2. Default Re: Soon to be in Idaho

    Welcome from a state below (Utah). You will find alot of good people and good advice here. what part of Idaho will you be moving to? All of my mothers side live in Idaho.


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    Central Florida

    Default Re: Soon to be in Idaho

    Hi Finn,

    Welcome to the forum. We have many good people here and you will be an expert in no time.


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    Default Re: Soon to be in Idaho

    Welcome Finn.

    ...and welcome, too, to Idaho. You'll certainly be near some blue-ribbon fishing: the rivers Lochsa, Selway, Clearwater...and more.

    I'm south of you a bit near Silver Ck and the Big Wood.

    You do have some Winter Season areas open that offer some exceptional opportunities for nice fish. Local guides (if they hang around and don't go to So. America for the winter) are useful.

    Allen R
    Snake River Plain

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