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Auntie Em 11-18-2008 11:49 AM

Good morning
from Oz! Not much local fishing going on right now.
A friend told me of you all, and I did spot some very familiar names amongst the postings.
I look forward to a long and prosperous membership.

Auntie Em 11-21-2008 11:40 AM

Re: Good morning
OK ... four days and not a single "hi di ho". Maybe I didn't give enough information in my introduction? Or is it 'cuz I'm a girl?
I'm retired. I enjoy fly tying, furled leader furling, building graphite, glass and bamboo rods. I'm big into photography. Been married 40 years ... same guy!! Have three grown children, 5 grandchildren, aged 7 to 20, and anticipate adding another four grandchildren before spring, via our daughter.
Love traveling through Wyoming and South Dakota, Michigan and Wisconsin to terrorize the neighborhood trouts. Living here in Oz I have a definite affinity towards hugging trees, what with tornadoes and all.
So does this advance my cause, or totally screw it?

yatahey 11-21-2008 11:56 AM

Re: Good morning
Dear Auntie,
I'm sorry no one has welcomed you as yet.
So, let me be the first.:welcomean

There are several girls here and none of the guys are sexist.
All of us look forward to you joining in on the discussions and I hope your experience here is as rewarding for you as it has been for me. :thumbsup:

Treecatcher2 11-23-2008 01:43 PM

Re: Good morning
Hello Auntie Em,
I'm new around here myself but I wanted to say I look forward to chatting with you when you are not out terrorizing trout or dodging tornados

Frank Whiton 11-23-2008 02:28 PM

Re: Good morning
Hi Auntie,

Welcome to the forum. We appreciate all of our lady fly fishers. There will be another fly swap later this year. Maybe you would like to participate.


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