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Thread: Maryland Noobie

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    Hello - My name is Aaron. I've been lurking here reading articles and posts for a while and have decided to join the fun.

    My Grandfather taught me to fish when I was a wee tyke (I'm 35 now), and some of this education was fly fishing. I learned a few fly fishing techniques but most of what I did was rod and reel.

    My grandfather passed away two years ago and left me his old bamboo rod (nothing too special, I think it may be a Twin Forks or something he got from a catalog years ago). The rod needs work, so when I get some dough together I'll have to find someone to rehab it. It's a big water rod though as my Gramps lived on the banks of the Mohawk in NY. He also left me a few hundred bucks to be used, you guessed it, for fishing gear.

    So over a year or two I've got a decent beginners kit and I try and get out at least once a month. I live in Baltimore city, about a half hour from the Gunpowder River and I do most of my fishing there. The thing is, I'm just not catching much. When I do catch something, it's a small little thing. I' going to try and join the local TU chapter that has a mentor program and try to get some tips. I also enjoy reading about fishing (almost as much as the act itself...almost).

    So, I have lots of questions and plan on using this board as much as I've been using my local fly shops boards. This means checking in at least once a day.

    Well, I think that about sums it up


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    Welcome to the forum. If you want to catch bigger fish try the Cheasepeake Bay. The trout streams around here are to crowded, the salt is the way to go.
    Jim W

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    from another noob. The bamboo rod redo sounds exciting especially since it was your Grandpa's.

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    Hi Aaron,

    Welcome to the forum. I am really glad you decided to become active. Is there any one thing that convinced you to become a member?

    Catching big fish requires one element, big fish in the water. You may be fishing water that does not contain large fish. Small fish can be an excellent way to learn techniques.


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    I guess I decided I've reached a point where my curiosity isn't quenched by reading I feel like I need to people to answer the specifics of the questions I have.

    As for the fish, the other day I watched about fifteen of them on the bottom just thumbing their noses at me as my flies drifted by.

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