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Thread: Hi from the UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by peregrines View Post
    Coasty welcome to the forum. Those are great looking pictures and it looks like you have some beautiful water. Looking forward to your posts--- now i'm off to google the word "beck"

    Sorry guys the word "beck" is a northern english word for a small stream a brook if you like I beleive the word is Nordic in origin. The old vikings had a lot of influence in these parts in fact the castle thats in one of the pics dates back to Norman times but before that the Romans and the Vikings had a settlement on the headland. In fact Scarborough is a derivation of scardeburgh a viking word for scar on a hill which describes the headland quite well...

    As for costs, In the UK there is some public fishing which is free apart from the cost of a governement license. Such public fishing is very very ltd. 99% of fishing is in the hands of private clubs and syndicates and isnt always easy to get membership of. I am in four associations which costs me in total around 450 a year and I consider myself fortunate.. If the fishing I have access to was 250 miles further south the you put a zero onto that cost...

    We are a small country but very densly populated and resources such as high quality wild rivers are in short supply. most of the trout Anglers in England fish in stocked man made lakes for trout farm reared rainbows and brown trout , I think the average cost for a days fishing in such places would be around 15 to 25 with a two or three fish limit although I havent fished anywhere like that for years . If you head North to Scotland then the situation is a lot different in that the rivers are far more accessable and far more in number,

    It seems to me you are very fortunate over on your side of the pond...

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