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timboothe 11-06-2010 08:14 AM

New Member
Hi all,

First off I need to apologize I suppose. I signed up to see about interest in a reel that I have for sale and did not read the sticky in the classifieds detailing what I should have done first.

This forum is new to me, I'd never heard of it before. I am a member at a couple of other forums North Eastern FF'ing and Fly Anglers Online to name a couple.

I live in Upstate New York and mainly fish the Catskills, Delaware River System mostly. I also spend time chasing the Steelhead and Salmon that run out of Lake Ontario just north of me.

Thanks for your time,
Tim Boothe

peregrines 11-06-2010 10:14 AM

Re: New Member
Hey Tim, welcome to the forum- we have a lot of folks that fish the same waters-- as well as a lot of folks from all over the place. Hope you make yourself at home here.

I'm on Long Island, and have been fishing mostly in the salt around here for stripers and only made it up to the West branch of the D a few times this year, but I love fishing it when i can get the chance.

Ard 11-06-2010 12:10 PM

Re: New Member
Hello Tim,

Your home area used to be one of my short range road trips. I lived north of Williamsport PA. and had a friend who kept a 40' yacht at the Montour Falls marina. I was able to stay at Montour Falls and fish the creeks that flow into Seneca Lake and the other Finger Lakes from that base. Of course I used to make the trip across Rt. 13 to Cortland and then on up to the Salmon for some combat fishing every year too. There were some interesting opportunities in the area for great fishing.

That was quite a while back and some things may have changed but I'm sure some have stayed the same too. I miss that part of the country. This time of year when the wind comes strait out of the south I used to be able to catch lake Trout at the north end of Seneca Lake. Yep Laker's, the wind formed a regular 'food boom' on the surface. Everything from zooplankton, insects, up to various sizes of dead fish off the surface of the lake was driven by the wind & waves, as all the good stuff was driven toward the north shore so came the fish to feed on the cornucopia of goodies.................A rare chance to hook the big guys and most often that wind was also pushing rain.

That is one of the perks of belonging to a forum like this, as people make posts from different parts of the country your memory reels back to something you had put on a shelf and hadn't opened for years.

Welcome to the forum,


mcnerney 11-07-2010 09:08 AM

Re: New Member
Tim: Welcome to the forum! We look forward to your participation and hearing about the fishing in your area of the country!


Jimmie 11-07-2010 11:27 AM

Re: New Member
:welcomean Tim. Good to have you here.

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