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    Ard's offer is fantastically generous! OP, learn the fundamentals of casting and make it easier for yourself. It is the best investment you will make in flyfishing. To make the most of guiding by a pro, at least be able to cast without frustrating yourself. $300 for 3hours is best left until you can cast well enough to make the most of it.

    Hey Ard, one of these days, one of these days.

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    I'll second Ard's post about the $300. With that I won't bombard you with a lot of advice as there is plenty of good advice in this thread for you to sift through. I will make a few comments on your initial post.

    You mentioned tough fishing conditions and not getting anything even close to a hit. Although fish do tend to try and find deeper water when the water temps get to the point of making the fish motionless, you may not need to go to deep water at all. Checking the water temps with a small inexpensive temperature gauge would be a good start. Don't ever think just because ambient temperatures are subfreezing that the water temps reflect the same thing. It takes water several days of consistent exposure to drop enough to cause fish to seek deeper holes. The surface temp may drop a few degrees, but in moving water this is a slow process. Not going in to any more science about this, the point is, check the water close to the bottom where the fish will likely be. In all likelihood, it's fine and will hold fish. This just means they'll hug tight to the bottom. Just need to make sure you're bumping bottom with your flies to stay in their line of sight. (as always though, fly choice is critical so you may have to change some of your rig every 5 - 10 casts if you're not getting any action.

    Now, with all that here comes the kicker. Just because you don't think you're getting hits doesn't mean you actually aren't. In the cooler water the fish are generally lethargic. The bite will be very subtle and many times so light you won't even see it. I know this for a fact from watching McNerney. We were on a trip on the South Platte. I fished a small hole with nothing to show for it. Larry comes in behind me and pulls 3 fish out before I can make it to my next spot to try. I go back and see what secret flies he's using. He's got the same rig I have. I'm watching his line and I see nothing, he lifts the rod tip and has a fish on.

    So, you have to make sure you focus on your line/indicator in these conditions. No telling how many fish you probably missed thinking you weren't getting any hits. This takes time and experience. I'm getting better, but I'll never be able to out fish an old guy carrying an oxygen bottle around. And I'm ok with that.
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