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  1. Default Long time fisherman first time fly

    I need to know what type of rod and reel and fly line to buy as a newby. We have a bass pro shop here but I think the selection is limited. My budget needs to be less than $200 for the rod reel and line. I live in North La and fish for large mouth bass and bream; however, twice a year I go to the white river at bull shoals dam in arkansas and fish for trout. My trout fishing todate has been with an ultralight rod and reel but i would like to try the fly rod. I have looked in bass pro and cabela's catalog but i am confused as to what to start with. BTW I do have an old 7 ft fly rod with an automatic fly reel; but it is heavy and i think i paid less than $20 several years ago for the set. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    First of all... welcome to the forum. Thanks for joining.

    With that question... you're likely to get a dozen different answers from a dozen different folks... and most of them will be correct. Personal preferences plays a major roll in this type of decision.

    In my opinion, the very best rod value on the market today are Echo Fly Rods. For only $139.95 you can get a 5wt or 6wt 9ft 4pc Echo. These rods are a joy to cast and the cosmetics are unsurpassed. You could outfit the rod with a Stone Creek Voyager Fly Reel for $42.00. Then you could add a Cortland 333 Pro WF fly line for $35.00. OK... so now that's about $216.95. I'll bet The Full Creel Fly Shop would let you have that complete outfit assembled with backing for $200 with free shipping.

    Now... your other option is the St. Croix Premier 5wt Outfit. You can get Premier Rod, a large arbor reel and line for $150. The Full Creel will pay for shipping on that also.

    I would say a 5wt will serve you well as an all around fly rod. It will be great for trout. It will be good for bass and bream as long as the bass bugs are not too large and the bass are not monsters.

    There are a lot of members on this forum who also give you some good advice and make some sound recommendations.


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    Go with what Steve has told you in the Echo setup. You cannot beat that deal and it will always be better to start with good equipment. It is easier to learn when you don't have to compensate for the equipment.

    I agree that the five weight would be a good one but on the other hand since you do most of your fishing for bass, you probably do a lot of stillwater and the chances of a big one is good. Chances are you are probably throwing big bugs too. I would probably go with a six weight for these reasons. A six is still a good trout rod too.
    All Means All

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    as a newbie myself this summer may i say welcome aboard.

    as far as the info. i would agree with steve. i've asked many a questions and have gotten some great advice.

    as a newbie though i would like to ad a piece of advice that was given to me and i'm sure you'll hear this more than once. look up DOUG MACNAIRS tips on fly casting here on the site. it's very informative and has helped me out a ton.

    and again welcome aboard.

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    Default Re: Long time fisherman first time fly

    I'll agree with both Steve and Curtis. I'd go with the set-up Steve suggested, but in a 6wt. Knowing the type of cover you'll be fishing around in north LA, the size of the trout up there, and the opportunities you'll have to catch largish bass, I think a 6 wt is the way to go.

    On the other hand, if you want to have more fun with the bluegill on your trout rod, and think you might be doing some saltwater fishing in the future, go with a 5wt for now and get an 8wt when you want to fish for big bass or in the salt. You'll need a better reel for the salt, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

    A 5wt and 8wt combo covers everything. (except when you'll want a 3wt someday for bluegill)

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Steve, is it too late for this person to jump in on the Winston deal?
    All Means All

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    Welcome to the forum, it's a great place to learn.

    I also would tend to agree on the rod selection, even though I personally have never used an Echo rod. Cabelas does offer some descent packages for around the same money. One thing you will notice about fly fishing like many other sports is that the price range for equipment can vary greatly depending on what you are willing to spend. One of the things I new when I first started buying my own fly fishing equipment was that I was in this for the "long haul" & I spent a little more money buying rods that have lifetime warranties. ( But that is my personal choice, budgets do play into this also. )

    I use my 5wt Scott rod for smallmouth bass all the time, but I also use my 7wt Thomas & Thomas for the same fish. It depends on what fly I plan on using. ( Casting a larger bass bug will be harder for a beginner with a 5wt rod. ) I also agree with the suggestion to view Doug MacNair's website. It never hurts to get help when trying something new. I imagine that you will no doubt be "hooked" into this sport like many of us throughout the country. Any questions just ask.

    Tie One On

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    I agree with Tie, you will soon want 2 or more rods. I have a Scott 4 weight that I love but when I put on some of the big bass bugs I can't cast worth a darn. A 6 weight is a good starting point, it's kind of middle of the road.

    As Steve said, you can talk to 12 different people and get 12 different opinions. I went through several less expensive rods before I got my Scott. It has lasted longer than all the others combined. Definitely go with something that has a lifetime warranty.

    Have fun fly fishing.


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    Here is my opinion. Buy used. Decide on a few rods with features you might like, older rods from Orvis, Scott, Sage, loomis, etc. that have been discontinued eBay or Craigslist. Take your time looking, sooner or later you'll find a great deal, then jump on it. Same goes for reels.

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