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    I"m an Over The Road truck driver. Haven't done any fly fishing in 18 years. A couple weeks ago. Got a call on Friday. My Sat. delivery in Billings was pushed back to Monday. I was just west of Missoula.
    Took a float trip down the Bitterroot on Sat.
    I realize the Yellowstone area would have been a better choice. Missoula is kinda homey to me. Lived in Big Fork for a year. Also Billings.

    I almost died 15 years ago. Diabetes causing weight loss. Spend years rehabilitating. Then had an accident falling on ice, 6 years ago. So I'm doing better. But can't hike a long ways. Working on it though! I've run three marathons in my life.

    I decided to get back into fly fishing. I can fish anywhere in the country. If I can get the time.
    Got me a one year non resident license for Montana.
    Very interested in the Driftless region. I go in and out of Minneapolis alot.
    I live in the Black Hills of SD. Yes, there's fishing there.
    I bought everything I needed from Yellowstone Anglers. Fenwick 9'5wt rod. Orvis Battenkill reel. Waders and boots. Net. Everything.... Also a note from YA about where I can stop my truck and fish.

    Before, I had gone nuts having to have everything. Sage rods. Ross reel. Expensive fly tying vise. It was kinda nutty. I now am interested in keeping it minimal and smart.
    The float trip I was on. Provided me an Orvis Clearwater rod. I was impressed. Rods have gotten better. Personally... I would rather have a little more strength to the rod. Which is why I got what I got.

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    Welcome and good on you . I too drove a truck for a bit but not long . Had I been smart I would have done what you are doing , instead I gave up fishing for a while . Beautiful pics , keep it up .
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    Welcome to the forum!
    "Fight like you're the 3rd monkey trying to get on Noah's Ark"
    "Not every day is filled with sunshine. Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue"
    "If God had intended for man to only fish on weekends, He never would have created the other 5 days of the week."

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    Welcome to the forum and the great sport of fly fishing!
    I have not fished the Black Hills, but I've read about the fishing there, its on my bucket list, beautiful area for sure.
    I live in Pinedale, WY, if you ever come thru here give me a shout, I have a drift boat and we can do a float together.

    You might be interested in Dakota Anglers: Dakota Angler & Outfitter Black Hills Fly Fishing - Trout Fishing in the Black Hills of South Dakota

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