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  1. Default Addicted in philadelphia!!!

    whats up gals and girls....been in the game for about a year....

    grew up in virginia fishing the chesapeake and still make regular trips to the richmond area...

    my time fishing varys season to season ....trout winter and spring , smallies and salt summer and fall..

    looking forward to learning alot from this forum and i'm always looking for people to fish with if you are in pa or nj and don't mind a newbie gimme a shout


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    Default Re: Addicted in philadelphia!!!


    Welcome to the board, sounds like you do a lot of different types of fly fishing. It's good to have another striper guy on the board-- uh I guess that would be rockfish guy in your neck of the woods.

    I chase them up here on LI, and we get a mix of your Ches. fish and our Hudson River fish. Send big ones up soon OK?

    We have a lot of folks on the board that chase different stuff, and a good bunch from down your way. Feel free to jump in on discussions, ask questions and tell tall tales.


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    Default Re: Addicted in philadelphia!!!

    Maximus. Lot's of good people with valuable information, and experience here. Enjoy.

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