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    hello to everyone ,my name is michael hackwith ,i live in south west missiouri near the elk river system. i have been flyfishing for about five years ,and tying for one i chase both trout and bluegill and smallmouth ,,my travels take me to colo.,,,tenn(middle),,,,south dakota (pineridge),,,,i am a former marine serving 10 years in the infantry 1983-1993 and was in the 1st gulf war ....i am lakota indian who tries to keep our traditions alive .....and i love fly fishing

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    First off, thank you for your service.

    And welcome to the board, you're in the middle of some great fly fishing, and we have a few members in MO and AR, and your travels take you to some prime water where we have a lot of members as well as well.

    Feel free to jump in on discussions, ask questions, and make yourself at home. Lot's of good folks on the board, and I'm glad you found us.

    Looking forward to your posts.


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    welcome to the board foambug! that's some pretty country up there in your neck o the woods.

    great to meet another desert storm vet on here, too. i was navy then, but was army infantry before that. now i'm disabled and my wife is still in the army.

    i'll send you an invite to join the fish fighters group here on this website. it's for military and vets.

    living here in el paso now, most of my closest fishing ops are in old mogollon and mescalero apache stomping grounds. and i've become fascinated w/the ancient cultures. i've had a strong interest in the pueblos of northern new mexico and such for a long time, and usually visit at least one each time i journey to northern nm/southern co to fish. right now i'm totally captivated by the gila cliff dwellings and surrounding area's petroglyphs and such from the mogollones. but i'm a white guy...claim no native american ancestry, although i could probably find one in the woodpile somewhere just like almost anybody else whose ancestors were here from the beginning of the european immigration.

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