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Thread: I say howdy too

  1. Default I say howdy too

    I'm new here, just gonna look around and ask a few questions. I do most of my fly fishing in Arkansas on the white and Norfork rivers. I have fished in Tennessee, Colorado and Montana. I am going to be fishing the Salmon in Idaho this year during an elk hunt. I will probably have alot of questions about the area.

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    Hi JDMAG,

    Welcome to the forum. We have several members that fish the White and Norfork. Maybe you can tell us a little bit about your self. How long have you been fly fishing? Do you tie flies?

    We have some members from Idaho and the surrounding area. I think you will get some help with that trip.


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    I have been fly fishing for about 12 years now. I have a Ross Evolution 3 and an Orvis frequent flier 9 peace rod that goes with me to work,(the wife bought that for me) so I can hit what ever is close to where I am. I try to work in Flippin and Mountain home AR as often as I can. Been teaching my son to fly fish, and he loves it. It will break his heart when he gets too old to fish on Dry run (just off the hatchery at the dam on Norfork) I have a 7 year old that I plan to start teaching soon. She is so tiny I am afraid to take her out too deep in the white, so she may be fishing dry run for a while. I live vicariously thru my kids hunting and fishing adventures.
    I try to tie flies, and some dont look too bad. Heck some even work!

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    welcome jdmag. i'm new around here too, but i'm no stranger to fly fishing or your home waters. we just moved to el paso back in the fall. lived in the ozarks and fished almost all of the ozarks streams and rivers for the past decade. lots of stuff on my blog about all of that if you go back in the archives or run some searches. i have a lot of good friends in the mtn home/cotter/flippin area, over on the spring river, up on the north fork of the white in mo, and in the ft. leonard wood, springfield/branson, and bennet springs areas. i'm a huge fan of the current river and nfow river in mo. missed my chance at the eleven point. but i've fished most of the rest.

    dry run is great for the kids, ain't it?

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    I never could find a whole lot of trout streams in El Paso! I just dont think I would like wadeing in the Reo Grande!
    And yes Dry run is great for kids, I hope to get my 7 year old daughter over there this year.

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    i found some koi in a couple of fountains and ornamental ponds and there are some mosquito fish in area stock tanks. otherwise, it's about a 2 hour drive upstream on the rio grande before you find fishable water...and that's hit/miss based on dam releases from elephant butte/caballo. from there, it's minimum 3 to 4 hour drives respectively into the sacramento mountains (ne) or over into the gila national forest or black range (nw). and an 8 hr drive to the gulf coast.

    on the upside, i'm only a 5 hour drive from northern nm and 8 hour drive from my haunts in southern colorado; versus the 16 hours it used to take me from southwest missouri. so in the summer, that will come in very handy!

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