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  1. Default Howdy from Kansas City

    Yep, right smack in the middle of the country, where most folks consider fly fishing to be something rich people do on vacation.

    I'm a relative newcomer to the sport, but not entirely without some experience, mostly on small rivers in Colorado, Montana; some down on the White in Arkansas. (My first time ever with a fly rod in hand was on the North Fork of the Sun River in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana. Beautiful day, clear skies, wading wet, and caught a nice little brookie with my first cast. I'm still looking to top that experience, but it's gonna be hard....)

    Nothing much to say at present other than the greeting; hope to learn from those with more knowledge and experience than myself. Toodles.

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    Default Re: Howdy from Kansas City

    Hey pl, welcome to the forum. I've always wanted to fish "the Bob" must have been a great time.

    Feel free to jump in on discussions and make yourself at home.


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    Default Re: Howdy from Kansas City

    Good to have you here! Where 'bouts in KC do you hail from?

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    I live in the old Leawood/Prairie Village area, in the northeast portion of Johnson County, Kansas. Most of the rest of the metro considers JoCo, as it's sometimes called, to be our own Yuppieburb, to coin a term using an almost out-of-fashion word. I'm not quite so young any more, not exactly upwardly mobile, by most people's estimations, and whilst a professional, who isn't one of those these days? When I heard a man describe himself as a "professional roofer" the other day, I decided we have reached the point where "professional" has ceased to be a useful descriptor.

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    Thanks, Mark.

    BTW, my first name's Perry, for what it's worth. Though I'll generally respond to anything not overtly abusive.

    Thanks again for the welcome.

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