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    Default Hello from the Phoenix AZ area

    I have been a member for about 3 weeks. I felt compeled to put my two cents in on a forum thread that I ran across while searching the web.
    Because of that I joined and finding out that I am not alone with the same questions that I am reading from other members.

    I started fly fishing in the mid 80s in California. Bought my one and only rod and reel from the Midge Fly shop in Los Altos Ca. It is the Orvis Green Mountain rod with the Battenkill Mark IV with lessons. Even now, I have not felt the need to up grade. In 1994, I took another class (a 3 day class) in Troutdale OR. had fun at many streams there

    Now, I don't get out often enough to improve my skills or knowledge. Most of my fishing is in the local urban lakes that are stocked in the winter with Rainbows.

    Already though this forum I'm getting very good suggestion of some of the northern AZ streams to fish. Hopefully this summer I can hit a few.

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    Default Re: Hello from the Phoenix AZ area

    dave5977. Good to have you here. Keep up the questions. Not that I can answer many, but there are a lot of good people here willing to help.

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    Default Re: Hello from the Phoenix AZ area

    Hi Dave,

    Good to see new people posting I hope you become active here.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
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    Default Re: Hello from the Phoenix AZ area

    Hey Dave, glad you found us and welcome to the forum--- make your self at home here.

    If you're looking for places to fish, you might want to check out this group in Phoenix if you haven't already:

    AFC Home Page

    They have a lot of group trips (there's one out to Dead Horse later this month) and you'll probably meet some new fishin' buddies.

    There's some excellent fishing year round out your way.
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    Default Re: Hello from the Phoenix AZ area

    Dave...great forum and great people hereright choice

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    Default Re: Hello from the Phoenix AZ area


    Welcome, this is a great forum, with lots of nice people. I think you will lilke it here.

    As for upgrading, my opinion has alway been don't fix what aint broke. I still have and fish with an old SA 4 piece. It goes in the back of the jeep (during the spring and summer) with my hippers and I always have a rod with me in case I can stop for an hour or so after work. In the winter not so much, but its dark when I get off work and you gotta dress in many layers to fish the winter here.


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    Thumbs up Re: Hello from the Phoenix AZ area

    I really appreciate the replies and comments to my introduction. The replies helps newcomers such as myself feel that my posts and replies will have some value and, at least, be acknowledged. Replies from senior members are incouraging and welcomed. This is not to imply that other member's posts or replies any less valuable to me.

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    Default Re: Hello from the Phoenix AZ area

    Hi Dave,

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and that you make as many friends as I have.

    I lived in Sun City West for five years. The best fishing I found was Lees Ferry. You have limited area to fish if you don't have a boat or hire a guide. You can rent a jet boat for a day and not for too much money. Although it is more now than it was when I was there. The boats you rent are the older boats that were used for guiding. When they bought new boats they used the old boats for rentals but still good outfits. All of the river along the park is open to fishing and you can drive to it. Check out Lees Ferry Anglers here.


    Picture of Lees Ferry Anglers Rental Boat

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