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Thread: Introducing Myself

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    My name is Ron and TritonCollect is my eBay moniker. I'm a new member, but I could not find the Introductions Forum. I am a lifelong fisherman with extensive experience in saltwater and some freshwater angling, mostly West Coast, Florida, and currently the Chesapeake Bay. I recently moved to the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake. My wife, normally not an angler, has expressed interest in fly fishing. In her words: "It looks to me like fly fishing is to fishing what sailing is to boating." I'd like to encourage her budding interest. Therefore, I am very interested in locating nearby resources to do so. I would really appreciate any help in locating fly fishing schools or lessons, tackle shops, guides, etc. Ideally, I'd like to find a "neighbor," professional or amateur, who would be willing to hold our hands or just pat our backs as we try to learn something that we can share together. I know that first impressions are lasting, so I'd like Pam's first impressions to be very pleasant.

    Any suggestions?

    Chestertown, Maryland

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    Hi TritonCollect,

    I just wanted to welcome you to the forum. I moved your thread over to the Introduction Forum. There is a problem that the Introduction Forum is too far down the list. That is one thing we will be fixing.

    Perigrines knows about that area and he may be able to help you out.


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    Ron welcome to the board, itís great that your wife has expressed an interest in FF, and there are a number of ways you can go.

    You and your wife might start off by checking out a friendly fly shop for a brief casting lesson, and then depending how that goes consider a certified casting instructor, fly casting school or casting clinic/beginner program offered by a club.

    I have no first hand experience with this shop, but Iíve heard good things about Mason at the Salisbury Fly Shop. He offers free casting lessons to customers, and is pretty wired into the Chessy SW FF scene and should be an excellent resource for you:
    Salisbury Fly Shop...You one stop for Saltwater/Freshwater FlyFishing supplies

    Casting instruction- in addition to fly shops, you might consider a FFF certified casting instructor. You can do a search for one near you here:
    Find A Certified Instructor

    Hereís a womenís fly fishing club located in your area. They offer beginners clinics, group trips and might be a good way for your wife to meet some new fishing buddies, and learn in a woman friendly environment.

    For both of you, the Federation of Fly Fishers has affiliated clubs offering casting clinics, group outings, and most have mentoring programs. Typically they are very friendly environments for newcomers and are very encouraging: Locate a Club

    And, Trout Unlimited Chapters often have casting clinics, and many members do both FW and SW fly fishing. Some also have mentoring programs:
    Council/Chapter Search | Trout Unlimited - Conserving coldwater fisheries

    In addition to the Orvis and LL Bean and Wulff schools that would involve significant travel, there are some more local options as well.
    If you and your wife are interested in FW trout fishing, Dusty Wissmuth has a very good reputation and is a wee bit closer: Dusty Wissmath's Fly Fishing School

    Another excellent school geared specifically to SW Flats Fishing is run by Sandy Moret in Islamorada. To get the most out of it though, it would be good to have at least some of the basics down in terms of casting fundamentals, but it is a great (though spendy) option down the road, and instruction is with world class anglers.
    Online Fly Shop - Florida Keys Outfitters - Fly Fishing School, Fly Rods, Fly Reels, Guided Fishing

    Hope some of this helps, and we all wish you and your wife the best.


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    Thank you for all the information. I will get started exploring our local options ASAP. I now fish with a guide on the Susquehanna Flats. He's willing to take use fly fishing for rockfish, but we need to cut our teeth on smaller stuff before we tackle those big breeders next spring.


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    Default Re: Introducing Myself

    yes thank you for the info. I am new to the shore but not to flyfishing. I look forward to learning a bunch here after years as a trout bass guy.

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