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    I am new to this site, and relatively new to the sport.

    I have the gear and am now gaiing the patience. My cast looks more like a guy whipping a team of mules than poetry in motion.
    I am hoping to make some friends and gain some knowledge. I am in NW Indiana and actually have access to fish unlike many of my hunting pursuits.
    I have fished the big lake ( Lake Michigan) a lot but it has all been with down riggers, boards, and dipsy divers. I'll try to dig up a pic for my profile that includesd a fish.

    talk to you all soon

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    Hey creek freak, welcome to the board and to fly fishing. We've all been there with the casting, but it'll all come together.

    Feel free to ask questions as they come up-- lot's of friendly folks here, and you may find some of the FAQs and past threads helpful.


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