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    Default Ohio Bluegill fisher, New to flyfishing

    Well Yep Im a newb when it comes to fly fishing.
    Only tried it 3 times but I want to learn.
    I do enjoy trying to tye my own flies. Mostly wet flies for bluegill.
    I live up around St Marys Ohio.
    So it there are any others in the are that would love to go after bluegills let me know.
    LAter an good luck

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    Default Re: Ohio Bluegill fisher, New to flyfishing

    Dave, welcome to the forum, and to fly fishing. The fishing for for gills and bass should heat up as the weather warms, and you should get into a lot of fun in the days ahead.

    Feel free to ask questions as they come up, I'm sure you'll get a lot of good advice. Browse some of the posts on beginning fly fishing and stuff in the FAQ section. There's a lot of good info there. We also have a bunch of folks on the board from Ohio, so hopefully you'll meet a few.

    Again, welcome to the board and make yourself at home.


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    Default Re: Ohio Bluegill fisher, New to flyfishing

    Thanks for the welcome Peregrines.
    The main fishing I do as of right now is bobber fish from a boat.
    Dad use to fly fish but he quit that a long time ago and I never could get him to teach me.

    We went out today an we caught 39 Gills.
    About half wer better then 9 inches. Was a blast
    later all

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