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    Hello to all,
    Well its like this. I'm from Indiana and I've fished all over the world. I used to even guide alittle bit. Anyways, I grew up fishing in southern indiana where I'd pretty much fish whatever pond, lake, river (lived on the ohio) or creek I could. Got my first fly rod when I about 9 or 10. Learned how to tie afew flies and some knots, took afew casting lessons from my grandfather who was an avid fly fisherman and away I went. I've been outwest fishing the snake river around jacksonhole wyoming and big sky montana. I'm an avid Boundary Waters supporter so I go up there and fish afew times a year (last year I took a fly rod and I was hooked). Anyways, I drifted between bait fishing and fly fishing all the way up through high school and then I got to college and pretty much stopped. Well to make a very long story atlittle bit shorter two years ago I met a girl and her father is an avid fly fisherman and he's absolutely gotten me hooked back on it. Its so challenging and fun its just best way to go for what I'm doin. So thanks guys and gals for reading. I gotta go post a question I've been wantin to ask.

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    Hey Alcorn, welcome to the board--- it's great you've got someone that can help get you started-- it's the best way to go. Feel free to ask away if you have questions-- lot's of helpful folks here.


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