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  1. Default New guy in Utah... for now

    Hey everyone, I'm Mike. I started this addiction when I joined the Air Force in1997. My career has provided me the opportunity to fish all over the world. I was stationed At Eglin AFB, FL then to Alaska for 6 years and now I'm stuck between two Blue ribbon trout rivers here in Utah. I am also addicted to jeepin and mountain bikes and combine the three hobbies whenever I can. I have been surviving on local forums but they have been pretty slow. I hope to learn everything I can here and maybe even contribute a little. If you have an air show in your area with an F-16 demonstration, chances are that's me and my team. Viper West. Hope to see you on the water and in the sky.


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    Wow Mike I may have seen you or at least your F-16 before! Thank you for your excellent service to our country. Welcome to the forum and look foward to reading your posts.
    -Tom Wilson
    Attention New Fly Fishers and those just wanting to improve- Join a Fly Fishing Club. They have classes on every aspect of fly fishing for beginners to advanced for free or cheaper than offered elsewhere. Some offer mentor programs. You will make friends with other fly fishers. Clubs often have outings in which members pay special group rates for guides or to fish prime private access areas.

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    Hello Mike,
    Welcome to the forum. There are several forum members from Utah here, including myself.

    Next time you head back to the Base and come in from the N/W flash your lights and I'll wave. I'm out in Plain City and see you Boys coming in all the time.

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    Then you're stationed at Hill it sounds like. My daughter was there before transferring to kitara(?) AFB, and now she's in Mississippi. Hell, you have the Weber (we were talking about fishing up by Taggert and Croydon this weekend)' Provo, and damn close to Idaho waters.
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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    Hi new guy. City of Salt for me right now but hatched in Idaho. Welcome to the site, and would love to drown a fly or two with you.

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    Default Re: New guy in Utah... for now

    Mike: Welcome to the forum, you have some excellent Utah folks here on the forum to get to know and fish with if you desire!
    I'll keep an eye out for you the next time I go to an air show!


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    Default Re: New guy in Utah... for now

    Welcome Mike.
    Looks like you got to another place to enjoy your three hobbies.

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    Default Re: New guy in Utah... for now

    Mike...Larry didn't tell you he was a pilot too

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    Default Re: New guy in Utah... for now

    another hill guy sweet! im here also, would be cool to chuck bugs with ya, welcome

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    Default Re: New guy in Utah... for now

    Welcome to Utah.


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