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    hello -
    as a result of landing a full-time telecommuting job, i was recently able to move to ne oregon where i can now see the grande ronde river from my office window. i found the forum while searching for knots to use with gel-spun backing and decided to join rather than just lurk. doubt i will be able to spend much time here in the near future as i plan to use what little time i can find this summer (away from work, remodelling, unpacking, other hobbies, etc.) learning to spey cast and tie tube flies for steelhead on the gr, wallowa, minam & lostine - all within 45 min of home . i will try to be helpful if i can, but will most likely be using the search button most of the time. i have a lot of catching up i want to do since most of my experience is based on bamboo and fibreglass technology, dt lines, click checked reels and flies dubbed with seal fur and wings of polar bear. eg: what is a flashabou
    that's it for now
    things get better with age - i am approaching magnificent!

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    Hey Wayne, welcome to the forum. It's great you're getting into it again. Lot's of new technology and materials. Flashabou is a plastic/mylar strands of stuff that come in many colors used on streamers (think christmas tree tinsel) .

    Some of the old timey stuff has it's charm though and there are many that swear by the properties and mojo of seal dubbing, polar bear etc even though there are "modern" substitutes available.

    Sounds like you're in a great place to go after them, have fun. All you need is waterproof wireless and the boss will never know you're in waders.


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