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  1. Default So. Cal Bamboo builder

    Hello all, I've just signed onto the forum... one of several that I'm a member of now. Hope to read and see the work you're doing on bamboo rods. (Not that I disdain plastic, but it's SO much nicer with a bamboo... )

    I'll eventually get my avatar and signature worked in here...

    best to all,
    Mike St. Clair

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    Default Re: So. Cal Bamboo builder


    Welcome to the board. We have a bunch of boo folks here, including some builders. I'm sure a lot of folks would love to see some examples of your work.

    I'm a plastic guy myself--- at least until one or two of my ships comes in, but cane rods are things of beauty and the work that goes into their construction seems to be a mix of incredible workmanship and artistry and gives rich tribute to the roots of fly fishing.

    I hope you enjoy the forum, and look forward to more of your posts.


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    Thanks for the welcome, Mark... nice to be among friends.

    Hopefully, my links will appear in my signature below. Feel free to visit my site and let me know how you like... comments welcome.

    best to all,
    Mike St. Clair

    "All things flow into one... and a river runs through it."

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