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Thread: Hello from Ohio

  1. Default Hello from Ohio

    Hi, New to the forum, but not the sport. Hoping to learn some things.


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    Welcome. In your quest to learn some things, be sure to teach us some things as well!

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    Default Re: Hello from Ohio

    Hi Elisa,

    Welcome to the forum. I hope we can learn things from each other. Where do you fish the most?


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    Default Re: Hello from Ohio

    From one Ohio fisher to the next. GO BUCKS.
    Welcome to the boards.

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    Hey Elisa, welcome to the forum.

    We have bunch of Ohio folks here as you can see, including a bunch that chase steelhead in some of your rivers.

    Where abouts are you?

    I went to school in Delaware O, many years ago---- when Baskin and Robbins only had 2 flavors-- but used to have a ball chasing smallmouth in the river that ran through town and largemouth in the wildlife area and farm ponds around there.

    Glad you found us. Make yourself at home and help yourself to the fridge


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    Hi Fellas,

    I'm from Columbus. Mark, you went to Ohio Weslyan then? I think thats the only school in Delaware? I am in fact, a Buckeye.

    I mostly fish the streams around here, Olentangy, Upper Scioto, Darby Creek, The Mad, Clearfork. I occasionally make it out to Colorado to fish the South Platte whenever I can. I'm a big fan of lighter rods. I'm in love with my new TFO Pro 8" 2wt and BBSI reel.

    I've been fishing a St Croix Legend Ultra 5wt for a long time now and still really dig that rod. I think I mentioned somewhere that I just picked up a Cabelas LST 8wt that I'm going to take to the salt in NC next week. We'll see how that goes. Anyway, I'm always full of questions so thanks again for the nice welcome.


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    Default Re: Hello from Ohio

    Yup, I went to OWU and fished the Olentangy and Scioto. I'm sure it's changed a lot since I was there last-- there were a lot of cornfields that have probably been turned into subdivisons now.

    Sounds like you get to zip around and fish for a lot of different things-- great stuff. Closest fishing for me is SW stuff for striped bass and bluefish, so i do that a lot.

    Good luck on your trip!


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