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Thread: Howdy all.

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    Howdy folks. I'm new to your forum,though I've had an on-going affair with fly fishing for quite some time. I cast my first in 1973. My uncle was a big influence and at the age of 11 I was an eager pupil. I wasn't all that swift at it, and still not an expert, but it's "in the blood" so to speak. I do tie. Not fantastic but decent. In recent years the lake Erie tribs and steelhead have been the bulk of my fly fishing. I find myself wanting to re-kindle my love affair with the hatches on our trout streams though. Planning a trip up on Kettle Creek this spring. I can't wait. It's been too long. There is a better than average chance that I will draw a tag for elk in Colorado this year. I need to see if there is any trout fishing near Montrose that I should look into as well. I can't drive all the way to CO without wetting a line at least one day. I'm looking forward to enjoying the forum and all it has to offer. You have a great place here,R.J.Adams.

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    Welcome to the forum! I have not been here long but the folks on this site have been a great source for information and entertainment.
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    Welcome to the forum! If you draw that CO elk tag, be sure to bring the rod out as well. If your near Montrose you won't be far from the Gunnison!


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    My brother-in-law mentioned the Gunnison. What sort of water/hatches can a feller expect on the Gunnison? I think he and one of the other hunters are already planning to hit it.

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