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Thread: NoOb in NM

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    Hi all. I grew up fly fishing home waters of NW Colorado. However, work, family, moves, etc. and I haven't picked up a fly rod in years. With a few things slowing down, and easy access to some good fly water here in NW NM, and SW Colorado, I am taking it back up this year. Picked up a new Sage rod 5wt, Reddington reel, and shark skin line. Oh, wow, sticker shock. I have been away from the sport for way too long. Anyway I am looking forward to reading posts and getting tips. I will be spending a couple weeks this July on the Gunnison and Taylor rivers in CO. Just hope not to embarrass myself.

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    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have some great new gear- you should have a blast. I'm sure all that fly fishing you used to do in CO will come back to you and you'll have a great trip.

    You live in some beautiful country, so i hope you can get out there a lot before your big trips to shake any cobwebs off.

    How do you like the Sharkskin?


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    Peregrines, I will have to see what I think of the sharkskin. If I can get home chores cleared up in time this weekend, I will run out to the San Juan Quality water and give it a try. Yeah, lots of cobwebs to shake before I hit the Taylor in CO. Not that I want to brush up on my casting in the "Combat fishing" common to the Quality Water below Navajo Dam, but it's handy to me, and the Animas, while clearing, is still running pretty heavy. Now, just hope my daughter-in-law is up for laying sod early on Saturday so I can have some of the weekend to play.

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