Tackle and Materials;

Photographs of rods, reel, and tying materials that turned out rather well so I'm sticking some here.
  1. Sending off a fly with a 13' LL Bean Spey rod
  2. An old Orvis Vortex 11/12 reel for a Spey rod
  3. Salmon flies for the early run
  4. Playing with editing tools, a Santiam Spectrum
  5. A silver salmon as the tide goes out at Valdez
  6. Well chewed Jock O' Dee 2011
  7. First day casting a new rod; a 15' #10/11 Winston
  8. Dry Fly materials and 2 light rods with mathcing Hardy reels
  9. Viscount MK III on an Orvis PM-10 5 weight rod
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