The Adventure's of Creeker

These are the pics of my adventures on the water as I learn this incredible art.
  1. A nice local run.
  2. My son & I also enjoy offshore fishing. Couple of white sea bass for the freezer.
  3. And yellowtail are a big part of our offshore adventures. There's no better tenderloin to be found.
  4. Here's my go to "all-purpose" rig... A TFO 4 piece 3wt with a Lamson Konic 1.5 reel. It's good for dinks to 20" fish.
  5. Here's another example of my home waters.
  6. On occasion, I get out on stillwater for some larger action.
  7. This is a classic example of the water I fish.
  8. Me and a local dink.
  9. One of the largest local wild Rainbows
  10. And, one of the largest local Brownies
  11. This is my favorite macro-shot.
  12. This one I call Smoke on the Water. For some reason, the reflections looked like smoke.
  13. The locals love the dry and will hit just about anything
  14. and still more....
  15. Local Rainbow
  16. Local Rainbow
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