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Hi all, well I'm 59 years young and up until 2014 was a traditional bowhunter, I was forced to end that career due to blown triceps in both arms. A friend of mine talked me into getting a crossbow. I took deer with it but the challenge is not the same and I ceased having fun with it.

Enter my renewed love of fly tying and fly fishing. Despite the circumstances of how it came to be, God saved this for a time in my life that I can really appreciate it .

My wife and I are empty nesters with a beautiful daughter and 3 awsome grand daughters. I know they are gonna want to go fishin' with grandpa. Looking foreward to taking kids fishing.

For employment I have worked in the printing trade for the last 40 years and through the good times and bad I am truly Blessed.

To borrow a phrase of a man I have great respect for:

"Keep The Son In Your Eyes"

Glad to be here!

Hudsonville, Michigan
Faith, Family, Friends, Fly Tying, Fly Fishing, Grilling & BBQing & Pressure Canning
Printing Electronic Pre Press


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Step by Step Tube Fly;

by dennyk on 07-31-2019 at 07:25 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Ard View Post
This is a down and dirty tying post. There will be nothing fancy or proper about the fly or how I make them. I make them because I've found out that this works for trout and steelhead and this and other color variants are nearly all I use anymore...

I'm going to use the following: a Pro Sportfisher Micro Tube - a Pro Sportfisher Drop Weight Sz. Lg. about 40 grains. - Black Thread - Clear flexible tubing - Extra Select Craft Fur - Yellow Schlappen feather - Peacock Herls - a pair of

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Question about hopper flies

by dennyk on 07-27-2019 at 01:03 PM
Quote Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
Quote Originally Posted by chechem View Post
Foam hoppers certainly float higher and longer, but I'm not sure they mimic the real hoppers as well as "hair ones". I've had luck with both, but have more faith in the "hair ones".

I'm eager to hear from others with more experience. Thanks for the thread.
I agree. Foam hoppers tend to float too high. Naturals are low floaters.

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mono vs fluoro

by dennyk on 07-11-2019 at 10:52 AM
Quote Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
Quote Originally Posted by Grizz900 View Post
Thank you Mr. Denny, I've been away from using a fly rod close to 10 yrs and i'm getting back into it now that I'm living in WY. I never heard of a tippet ring but now I do.
Hi Grizz.

Your post about tippet rings reminded me that they are an excellent way to attach two dissimilar materials like nylon and fluorocarbon.

I have found that, at least for me, fluorocarbon to nylon knots tend to fail. My working theory is that the harder fluorocarbon cuts

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The Streamer Techniques Video;

by dennyk on 03-06-2019 at 10:57 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Ard View Post
I never bothered to link this up on the forum so here we go.... This may be helpful for some I hope.

Coming in June of 2019 will be the Single hand rod version including the one hand Spey cast & overhead casts using the same leader system


Best material for parachute posts?

by dennyk on 02-27-2019 at 08:42 AM
Quote Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
Quote Originally Posted by myt1 View Post
My favorite go-to dry fly is a parachute Adams and I've finally decided to take a whack at tying them.

The white parachute post looks like it can be intimidating to tie, at least judging by the few YouTube videos I've watched.

Calf body hair and coarse polypropylene yarn are the two materials mentioned in the videos I've seen.

Is one of these materials better than the other?

Is there some other material I should consider for the post?

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