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bbanking 06-26-2005 06:41 PM

Does Rain Effect Yucatan Fishing?
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Does Rain Effect Yucatan Fishing?

The flyfishing forums are buzzing with chat about fishing trips planned for the Yucatan. It is obvious that the anglers are checking the weather and they realize and are somewhat concerned that it rains a lot this time of year in the Yucatan. I fished Cozumel on June 25th, had a great time and saw more fish than I have seen in several outings. The flats are presently covered with freshwater. The freshwater run off slightly darkens the water covering the Cozumel flats but does not ruin the fishing opportunities. I actually spotted more and larger Snook than normal. The run off of water to the mangroves brings in bait fish and bait fish attract Snook. Bonefish spotted were also larger than usual for Cozumel but the numbers were about the same. Permit were hard to find as they always are. Tarpon were seen and taken along with Mangrove Snapper. The only thing missing is the gin clear water. The rain does not cloud the water in Ascension Bay. Fishing there remains relatively the same there year around and an afternoon shower can be a blessing. Afternoon showers are usually light and do not last long. Most of the hard rain is after 8:00 PM and is great for those anglers sleeping in non-airconditioned quarters. Don't let the rain spoil or change your plans ... Yucatan fishing remains fantastic and one of the best bargins around. Tom,

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