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  1. Default Deep Sea Fishing on the Fly

    Have you ever considerd Billfish on a fly? If so, why not consider the Canal de Cozumel. I know, Baja gets all the good press for Billfishing with a fly rod but the Mar Caribe offers excellent opportunities for Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado and other species for the traveling angler with suitable flyfishing equipment. There are several boats and crews that cater to flyfishers seeking opportunities in deep water instead of the flats. Although the prime Billfish season ended in June, there is always another season. Compared to Baja, the Canal de Cozumel and the Mar Caribe are a bargin. Prices begin at $425.00 for a half day and $500.00 for a full day for up to five (5) anglers. Try and find those prices in Cabo. A 12 weight salt water rod and reel or larger is required to begin the experience. I normally use a G Loomis 12/13 Megataper with an Orvis Odyssey # 4 or a Tibor Gulfstream reel. What ever reel you choose, the key factor is the drag...the drag must be of quality material and design with no chatter or hop. Larger rods will also work but I find anything larger than a 12 weight rod somewhat difficult to cast accurately. I also use 50# Power Pro Spectra backing. I can put a lot of backing on the reel and have never suffered line, backing or knot failure. The flies need to be BIG and resemble baitfish with big eyes. The bigger the eyes the better. White and silver flies work great because they resemble numerous baitfish sought by Billfish. You can either leave from Cozumel or the mainland. So whats keeping you at home happy with catching 2 pound Trout. Think big and come join us. Do your research, contact a guide or captain and have the flyfishing trip of your life. Tom Martin,

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    What hook size flies do you use? What colours work best? How long are the bodies of the flies?

    tight lines
    Craig Moore

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