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adams14 03-12-2011 05:26 PM

East branch Mahoning Creek PA?
Howdy all. Are there any members here that can help me with access to the East branch of Mahoning Creek in Jefferson Co PA? I took a drive this morning looking around and saw some good water just north on Big Run. But, there were "No Fishing" and "Posted" signs all over the place!?! I don't get it. Is there a fly fishing only section of the east branch? I was looking around the treatment plant just outside Big Run. Charles Meck made reference to this water in his book Trout Streams and Hatches of Pennsylvania. Maybe something has changed in the last 10 or 11 years. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.

jaybo41 04-01-2011 01:42 PM

Re: East branch Mahoning Creek PA?

I have not fished E Branch of Mahoning but I think I can put you on some information. Here are a couple of links that I'm hopeful will help you gain insight on where you should target for access. From the looks of things, there is a Special Regs section on that stream. Special Regs areas *should* be indicated with signs. Though I have fished a few sections of the ANF where signs seem to have been removed, possibly by anglers frustrated with those regulations. That of course is speculation. There's a nice Special Regs stretch below the Resivoir on the East Branch of Clarion River but that's in Elk County. Worth fishing if you are up in that area. That will also put you within a stone's throw of a few other special regs sections of stream.

This link will guide you to the stocking list, select Jefferson Co. and you will get a list of all stocked streams. Note they provide you with Latitude & Longitude of the stocked sections.

PFBC Trout Stocking

This link will give you a map of all of the streams by County in PA.

PFBC County Guide

It would be great to get an update once you're able to fish the stream. Feel free to shoot me a PM or post in the thread if you prefer.

Tight lines.

adams14 04-01-2011 07:06 PM

Re: East branch Mahoning Creek PA?
Thanks jaybo. I'll be sure to holler if I get on that water. I slipped over on the Little Mahoning at Rochester Mills last Sun. Only fished about an hour,but managed to land 4 and roll another. The water was nice. Cold though. Had to clear ice a couple times. I was fishing a flashback pheasant tail over a green weenie. The weenie was the fly of choice for the 4 I actually landed. Can't say what the other hit. I'm betting the weenie as well.

jaybo41 04-01-2011 08:21 PM

Re: East branch Mahoning Creek PA?
Green Weenie's are deadly on the PA streams in the spring, especially the stockies. PT's with flashback are one of my favorites. They'll produce darn near everywhere. Hit some of those streams in Elk if you have a chance, they're nice. One word of caution if you fish the W Branch of can only fish it from the road side. You're not permitted to walk on the far side of the stream. I wasn't all that impressed with that one anyway since it's so close to the road. There were a few decent holes but that was about it. Of course I didn't spend much time there. East Branch is my preference and Big Mill was nice as well. Tight quarters with some of the brush and some spooky trout. Fun though.

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