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Thread: Stoney Creek VA

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    Just curious if anyone has fished Stoney Creek Virginia. Is it heavily fished?

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    I get the sense that it is. Harry Murray loves it and calls it one of the better streams in his area. I fished it in the spring season and believe it is hammered pretty good because it runs right next to the road.

    You can pick up smallies in there as well - especially in the "lake" above where the road crosses the river about a mile down from the gas station on Rt 42

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    Quote Originally Posted by switchfisher View Post
    Harry Murray loves it and calls it one of the better streams in his area.

    That all depends on which part of Stony you fish. Or Mossy Creek...

    "His Area" or "Yours"...
    Or, Where "you" fish in Virginia.

    He is down by Harrisonburg,by the "Big Stony".

    I live closer to WVa and Pa.
    Maryland is 30 minutes.

    SNP streams are at least 1 hour away, but well worth it. !

    I fish it near Woodstock.
    Or more accurately,
    I fish a tributary..."Little Stony" by Wolf Gap, on the way to Trout Run/Troutpond area.

    And I'm not sold on Mossy.
    It looks like ..........,I won't even fish it. I like the Mountain Streams.
    Even to get a big Brownie.

    I bet he lives on it or has a Stake in it.

    Just my .02

    But if you are close to Mossey Creek,

    You should make the extra effort and Visit the Bullpasture/Cowpasture/Jackson/Benson Run/Gorge/Ramseys Draft areas in and around Highland County,
    known as the "Swiss Alps" of the USA.

    Cheers,1st Post, STIX

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