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Thread: Fly shop poll

  1. Default Fly shop poll

    Just curious in the Hunt Valley, MD area which of the local fly shops people like best?

    Greatfeathers seems to have the best selection of fly tying gear these days. I've noticed Theaux seems to be getting away from tying.

    Backwater is nice in that it's so close to the gunpowder, but again, it's smaller than Mike's

    Tocterman's, which has been in fells point for-freaking-ever, has the best selection of spinning gear, and a lot of fly fishing AND tying gear. But for me living up in the county now, I don't get down there much.

    What do you all think? I know this can be a hotly debated topic, but I'm genuinely curious what other folks think.

    Bottom Line for me is, I go to GF, for my tying, BW when I'm heading to the river and short on time, and to Toctermans during the holidays.
    Ine for me is I go

  2. Default Re: Fly shop poll

    Well I usually stop in to see Theroux because I like him and what he is doing for the Gunpowder. I usually mail order my typing stuff from Hook and Hackle anyway. BTW last I was there he was busy on the tying bench! Also, is this the same Cleetus as on Tidal Fishing?

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